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Uniting Academic Tradition
with Today's Technology
to Prepare Students for Tomorrow

Small Classes Offer More Than Attention

    Kline School provides
 an individualized curriculum based on intellectual and technological advancement, 
aesthetic and cultural appreciation, 
as well as promotes the development of civic responsibility, personal and interpersonal growth.  

Kline School offers 
the full benefit of learning to both national and international students
with strong academic abilities
 in a diverse ethnic, racial, linguistic and economic community.

Goals and Objectives
Upon graduation we expect each student to be:

An Effective Communicator who expresses ideas clearly and distinctively.   1.)  Completes assignments neatly and legibly.  2.)  Follows rules of expression and performance appropriate to the subject area, including pronunciation, grammar, mechanics, number sentences, etc.  3.)  Organizes work clearly and logically  4.)  Uses vivid and graphic examples to illustrate and support ideas.  5.)  Participates meaningfully and stimulates participation.

A Complex and Innovative Thinker who analyzes and synthesizes information, linking ideas to personal experience and to the real world.  1.)  Understands concepts and links them to other disciplines, personal experience and the real world.  2.)  Analyzes facts in a variety of ways, including the use of visual and context clues, comparisons, inductive and deductive reasoning.  3.)  Is innovative and creative.

An Independent and Resourceful Worker who is motivated, capable, and creative in performance.  1.)  Follows directions.  2.) Is self-motivated, requesting assistance only as necessary.  3.)  Uses a variety of sources to gather information and problem solve.  4.)  Manages time efficiently, completing, and submitting work on time.  5.)  Evaluates and strives to improve own performance.

Discover the Power of Technology in Our 21st Century Classrooms

Technologically Literate using technology for practical and academic applications as well as to enhance communication.
 1.)  Uses software and the Internet to research and practice skills. 2.)  Maintains work in computer files. 3.) Uses basic and advanced tools and equipment in a variety of purposeful ways.

Socially Responsible developing ethics that respect the needs of others.  1.)  Is prepared.  2.)  Works cooperatively and contributes to a healthy learning environment.  3.)  Respects staff and students.  4.)  Demonstrates the qualities of leadership by exercising good judgment and serving as a role model for other students.

Kline School is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, is licensed by the California State Department of Education, and is a long standing member of the Orange County Private School Association.

Kline School