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From the Founder

Kline School is a project-based educational 
service providing innovative learning 
experiences that are fun, challenging and rewarding.

From the Founder's Desk...

For over 30 years, Kline School helped ordinary students become extraordinary. We 
knew that a small personalized learning environment produced students who became life-long learners.  Now our approach is different.

While Kline School continues to offer 1.) An enriched accelerated 
program tailored expressly to meet individual needs, 2.) A curriculum
that understands the importance of technology in preparing the next generation, 3.) Membership in a community of learners who are 
respectful, responsive, and responsible...

Our new project-based approach gives individuals more time and direct attention, accelerating their learning while maximizing their potential.  Individuals become: 1.) Effective communicators, 
2.) Complex and innovative thinkers, 3.) Independent and resourceful workers, 4.) Technologically literate and 5.) Socially responsible.

We place an emphasis on character development, moral and social values.  We are concerned about the kind of citizens our participants will become, as well as their appreciation for diversity in our culture.  Our learning experiences are not about getting into a top college or socializing with the cultural elite.  It's all about enrichment that all-to-often is overlooked in our schools--and the real payoff of challenging learning opportunities is in the quality of life you lead.

Susan Kline