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Chinese Delegates Comment on their Kline Visit

Listen to what 
veteran educators 
from Shenzhen, China
had to say during their
five-day visit in 2013.

Students from Kline School have attended Colleges and Universities
across the country including:

Boston University
California State University, Fullerton
California State University, Long Beach
Chapman University
Colorado State University, Fort Collins
Dartmouth College
Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising
Fordham University
Grand Canyon University
Harvard College
Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School
Kansas State University
Lansing Community College
Northwestern University
Orange Coast College
Oxford University
San Diego State University
Santa Barbara City College
University of Arizona
University of California, Berkeley
University of California, Davis
University of California, Irvine
University of California, San Diego
University of LaVerne
University of Maine, Orono
University of Notre Dame
University of the Pacific
University of Pittsburgh
University of Southern California
University of Washington

Read what Students and their Parents have to say.

I have always believed that Kline School is the best there is in education.  Everything about Kline School has always exceeded our expectations.  Cynthia Barrett '01

They have been a leader in the field of Technology.  My son, Sean, was on the computer at age 5 and on the Internet before my business engaged in the Internet.  Susan Kline is an innovator in the world of education.  It has been our privilege to know her and to have had our son attend her school.  Kim Jorgenson '02

I loved/love Kline School. I feel very strongly about the effectiveness of private school, and more specifically Kline School. This school offers special recognition and attention.  The teachers present a plethora of activities that genuinely interest their students.  This inspires them to be productive adults.  I always felt challenged and supported by my teachers and supervisors.  I would love to send my child to Kline School in the future!  Megan Greenlee '03

Susan Kline knew that technology was the way of the future and it's time for change.  If you look back a hundred years, not much has changed--pencil and paper prevails.  Everything is done on the computer at Kline, giving its environment a more friendly feel while increasing productivity. Thank you for the amazing five year experience.  Caleb Sachs '11

Our son, Sergei, was bullied in elementary school due to his medical disability.  He hated school and was depressed.  Since becoming a student at Kline School, our son hates to miss a day.  He loves learning.  He's maturing right before our eyes.  I would recommend Kline School in all areas.  What a great program!  Ann Belles

The strong foundation in science and technology helped me immensely both academically and professionally (thank you, Mr. Butler!).  The verbal and written skills that I learned helped me communicate effectively at work (thank you, Ms. Kline and Mrs. Odell).  Most importantly, Kline taught me to love learning...and if I didn't live in another state, I would be sending my future children there!  Janna Fair Kregoski '00

There are so many great things about our experience at Kline School.  The programs and technology when we attended Kline (1997-2000) were far superior to any of the other schools our children attended.   We learned about using the Internet along with our son.  Our only reason for withdrawing was geographical-keeping the family together on the same side of the bay-as our son is the 3rd of 4 children.  We have always missed Kline School and so appreciate what a great three years we had there.   Erin & Todd Meyer '00

Our son, Rishi, has special medical needs and spends lots of time in the hospital.  Kline School's staff has always made a special effort to help him catch-up with his work once he returns to school.  James McEwan

I had the three of the most amazing years at Kline School.  In addition to a great learning experience, I was able to build relationships at Kline that were comfortable and rewarding--second to none.  The teachers are dedicated unlike any other school I have attended.  Thank you Mr. Butler, Ms. Kline, Mr. Rhodes, Mr. Stuart and Mrs. Odell!  I will never forget you!  Marina Barnes  '08

Kline School instilled in our son, respect and appreciation for others of all ages, race, and diversity.  In addition to high academic courses, he received a wonderful foundation in the arts.  Al Marshall  '00

We feel that our daughter received a quality educational experience while at Kline School.  Gerald Chapman, III '09

Both Tyler and Erica Hosseini had a marvelous experience at Kline School.  My wife and I believe that along with providing them with a superior home environment, Kline School did its part in nurturing and teaching our children well.  They are both extremely happy and confident young adults.  Bijan Hosseini  '97

A wonderful educational environment that strives for excellence in all their students. Anonymous